Membership of the Maldives Computer Society is a privilege only granted to professionals, students and businesses in the ICT sector of the Maldives.



  • MCS as the representative body for the ICT sector in Maldives can collectively work towards the protection and development of the ICT sector.
  • Our community provides great opportunities to network and build relationships with other people in the profession.
  • Student members can get industry knowledge and exposure to the sector prior to entering the job market.
  • Our members collaborate on commercial project to the personal benefit of our members.
  • Businesses get access to specialist in various fields and share their ideas and thoughts.
  • Our Knowledge Base provides very practical information, saving you time by following instructions from those who already attempted to solve the problem.
  • Get the latest information on industry trends and news.
  • Participate in Community Projects and share your time and skills towards the development of the ICT sector.